We are a research and development institution for wireless systems to realize High-Rate Close Proximity and point-to-point communications by using millimeter wave which enable us to leverage wide communication bands.


  • Nov. 1,2022 Started a new field trial at Delhi Metro Stations [ NEW ]
  • HRCP started a new field trial at New Delhi, India from Nov. 1, 2022. This trial presents ultra-high speed contents downloading service up to 4Gbps. Trial users can download movie, game and advertisement and its time for downloading 2-hrs. movie is around 2 seconds. We will continue appealing our differentiative points to both consumers and contents developer during and after the trial.

  • June 13,2017 Adopted to SCOPE
  • Our project is adopted to SCOPE (Strategic Information and Communications R&D Promotion Programme) of MIC (Minisitry of Internal Affairs and Coomunications).
    For more details, check MIC's press release (Japanese only).
  • June 08,2017 Release English Official Website
  • April 28,2017 Release Official Website
  • The official website of HRCP Research and Development Partnership has been released.
  • October 1,2016 Establish HRCP


Message from President

Along with the explosive growth of mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets in recent years, the amount of data sent or received among users (mobile traffic) has been exponentially increasing. Not only increasing the number or type of data exchanged, the size of data itself has also been becoming enormous, as each content has been getting rich. This trend is expected to accelerate more and more in the future, and the problem of exhaustion of network resources would be more real.

As a method of handling this mobile traffic, we are now developing wireless communication technologies focused on high-rate and point-to-point communications by using millimeter wave. We aim to eliminate the network resource depletion by offloading huge data exchange not only with mobile communication or wireless LAN but also with our technology.

Hopefully, the result of our activity will contribute to society, as this technology become widespread and creating new service industries.

Your continued support and cooperation would be highly appreciated.

Hiroyuki Matsumura
HRCP Research and Development Partnership

Executive Officers

・President: Hiroyuki Matsumura
・Senior Managing Director: Toru Taniguchi
・Managing Director: Jun Iwasaki
・Auditor: Takemi Nagasaka

Members of Partnership

Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation

Japan Radio Co. Ltd.
(as of April 1, 2022)



We are currently facing to a serious problem of network resource exhaustion. Our objective is to develop and disseminate close-proximity wireless technologies with ultrahigh-rate and low-power-consumption features. This outstanding technology will contribute the reduction of mobile traffic and the creation of new services.

What is“High-Rate Close Proximity (HRCP) Technology”?What is“High-Rate Close Proximity
(HRCP) Technology”?

HRCP is a technology focused on point-to-point communication using millimeter wave (60 GHz band). The characteristics of HRCP are 2 msec connection setup time and speeds in excess of 10 Gbps. This technology is based on the standard “IEEE802.15.3e” of US-based “Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)”.

Carrier frequency 60 GHz band
Maximum data rate(for SISO*) 13.1 Gbps (using 256 QAM)
Connection setup time 2 msec or less
Connection topology 1-to-1, bi-directional
*SISO: Single-Input, Single-Output

Access & Contact
6-20-1, Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 105-0004 Japan
(8th Floor, le gratte ciel BLDG. 1)

Tel: +81-3-6636-7810

Nearest station:
  10 mins walk from the exit “Karasumori” of Shimbashi Station

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